Thony Estrada: Spanish Rap Maestro

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Thony Biathe Estrada is a young and sharp tounged rapper hailing from Equatorial Guinea who’s currently a Durban resident; and is persuading crowds to follow him and his musical journey.
Strange you call it, fascinating is what we say. We recently caught up with him and this what happened.

Simply Real: We don’t want to do you a disservice, so please introduce yourself, with a solid sixteen.

Thony: For those who don’t know me, my name is Thony B.
I am from Equatorial Guinea also known as EG
I do Hip hop, RnB, I do music
And if you ask me why I do this
It’s because I have a relationship with them beats
They are the reason why a keep dropping hits
Music for me is about principles
Keeping up with the day by being originals
I represent hip hop
When I’m on stage I represent hip hop
Doing this from the 90s I’m never going to stop
Catch me with my team climbing to the top
This ain’t no game for me
Because I have got the weight of my people on me
So I can’t take chances, I have to do it big
solo necesito un papel
y un boligrafo para demostrar
mi amor por la musica
Meaning; I only need a pen and a paper
To prove my love for making music.


SR: Flames! And how would you describe your sound and vibe?

My music is not focused on a nice beat to keep the listeners going, its more about the message behind the lyrics and its music that people can relate to.

SR: Alright, alright and thus far have there been any noteworthy producer or artist collaborations?

Thony: I try not to focus on collaborations because I want to make a name for myself; if you build your music career by featuring other people you would be known as the guy who featured with that guy and became famous — that is why I try to work only with my team, most of the people that I have made tracks with are from my team.


SR: Wow, interesting theory and it seems to be working very well for you, what about your dream feature then (local, international, dead or alive) and why?

Thony: When it comes to dream features I am very ambitious, I would like to produce tracks of every single music genre, from collaborating with Burna Boy or Arcangel (my favourite Latin American singer, rapper, composer and producer) to work on a K-Pop track with GD and Top. My taste in music knows no boundaries. My friends always told me that my thoughts about music were too ambitious, but in my opinion only hard work can make your dreams come true — an example of hard work is how the Nigerian artists managed to tap into the international music industry and that is what I want and plan on doing.


SR: Man on a mission, and with a game plan too, get that work. So about that game plan, what are you working on at the moment?

A few months ago I dissolved my team, because the relationship between us wasn’t the best to work with, but at the end of this month I am going to start working with a new team, only then is when I’m going to know exactly where we stand. I also have my own solo project, one or two music videos and new tracks that for sure will become hits during the beginning of 2016.

SR: And we wish you well with those projects, thank you for your time, now get back on to music making.

Twitter: @Mr_BSPeople
Facebook: Thony Biahute Estrada
Soundcloud: Mr.BringSwaggtoPeople

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