Gunna TR talks Revolution

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Gunna The Rapper released his debut album titled “Revolution” in late September. He is currently getting ready to release his latest single titled #IkeepItReal.


A limited number of Hard copies of “Revolution” were released for the retail price of R70. The album is yet to be released online where it is highly anticipated Gunna asserts. “But I can safely say my album is doing well and shout out to my beautiful lady from Langa Yonela Platjie for buying my album”, said Gunna. Gunna also thanked all his other fans who have purchased the album thus far. The online version of the album will only be released once Gunna is satisfied with the sales of the physical sales.


#IKeepItReal is the title to Gunna TR’s new single which the rapper says will change his life. The single will only be available on free downloads for 24 hours and afterwards the single will be for sale on Itunes. The song takes a deeper look into Gunna as a person. Gunna hopes to inspire the kids and hopefully change lives with this tune. The message of the song is for individuals to look to the inner self and to trust in God instead of man. “It is for this reason that the song is titled #iKeepItReal” Gunna said. #IKeepItReal and all the other songs on Revolution were produced by a well-known international producer from Spain.

Gunna TR is an all rounded nice guy who works hard to support his family yet at the same time inspires the masses through his real lyrical content. He is a artist who lives, breaths, bleeds, he eats art. Gunna TR is also his independent brand which he has branded T-shirts for. Gunna is currently working towards one of his goals which is to successfully run his clothing line which is called “GTR”.

Gunna was born in Mitchells Plain, Colorado. After his father passed away in 1997 he moved to Litha Park in Khayelitsha. In 2013 he moved to C-section where is currently residing. Although Gunna enjoys staying in the hood he says he would like to move his family out of the hood one day.

Gunna always wanted to be a rapper. In primary school Gunna was a singer and in high school he joined the choir. In the choir he sang soprano, tenor and bass but states that he preferred Tenor. As a hobby Gunna would jot down some rhymes toying with the idea of being like the idols he looked up to. Writing songs also kept Gunna busy after school. In 2008 he got shot at and this resulted in the young rapper to adapt to new lifestyle changes.”After I got shot I ended up using a wheelchair and I had to face alota bullshit” said Gunna. He had to constantly be in and out of hospital and this resulted in his school results collapsing. In 2010 Gunna decided to drop out of school to focus more on his hustle. His mom was supportive of his decision he says.

We had a chance to sit down with Gunna to chat about some of the work he’s been doing.
Simply Real: Who have you worked with since you started rapping?
Gunna TR : I’ve worked with Paperwork as I mentioned, I’ve worked with Marco but for some reason I ain’t talkin’ to that nigga. I’ve worked with Crimino and special appearances by Raptile on my highly anticipated single ‘Gin And Juice’. I’ve worked with Kush, he’s a artist a lyrical beast on my record label and he’s family not just a artist to me. I’ve worked with Jewish another dope brother from Xroad. And I’m lookin’ forward to work with other katz too, especially from the underground I want emcees who ain’t famous and who ain’t about the fame but for the love and the grind. But I’m a good songwriter and I take my own time that’s why I kill a track alone and people will still feel it. I can make it without a feature bro no offense to anyone who wanna feature with me, feel free bro let’s do art let’s do real music.
SR : Tell us about your plans for the future?
GTR: My plans for the future first of all is I wanna buy my momma a big house out of the hood to make her happy and my family those who close to me it don’t have to be about blood related but family orientated. My plan for the future is to own a restaurant, a family business. My plans for the future is to have a organization that will help feed the needy and the poor those who livin’ in the streets. I can’t get them out but feeding them and donating clothes to them is the least I could do. My plan for the future is for my record label to grow and I will sign young artist aged 15 16 to 18 young, Giving them a chance to express themselves. I got a lot of plans man, I also need a car damn I do need a car. And when I’m gettin’ fat cheques I wanna buy me that big body benz van, that’s my dream and I’ll make it come through. Last but not least, I wanna be there for My Family especially my mother caus’ that’s all I got close to my heart. My other plan for the future I wanna continue with my studies, I wanna do business more and marketing with sound engineering. I might take a young break from music but I won’t be gone I’ll be here doing more music but also focusing on my studies.

SR: What’s your take on Cape Town hiphop compared to Jozi and Durban scenes?

GTR : Hahah.. I know everybody is gonna expect me to say the same shit these niggas sayin’ that in Cape Town we don’t support each other blah blah blah and Jozi and Durban are lookin’ out for each other whatsoever. But the fact is, Cape Town got talent dawg compared to these two places. Cape Town can be Raw like real underground hiphop, Cape Town can give U dope trap/gqom, Cape Town can give U that mainstream hiphop, Cape Town have it all bro. Now what’s stopping us from shining is what? Unity and also these promoters who host gigs that don’t give other dope rappers/emceez a chance to shine and express themselves and they push the same niggas on the social media all the time we hear about the same niggas. That’s why some of the artists decides to go on that beef shit and not supportin’ each other. My advise is for rappers/emceez to host their own shows either in town or in the hood and make their own money and entertain their own people. Don’t wait for a chance to come go grab it. So Cape Town is the best safest place for hiphop bro. Without letting down Durbz n Jozi caus’ they doing they thing too there and gettin’ more shows yk’nahimsayin’.
SR: Thank you for sitting down with us…
GTR : Thank U very much for hosting me, I enjoyed every bit of time we had here. And all love&peace to the people who listening to my music, I also thank you brother for sharing my music to the world. I appreciate everybody who takes their time to download my music and I hope they would continue caus’ I have suprises for them and they will love it. Some more music coming soon nextyear.

Gunna TR – Revolution

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